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What Gerry Edwards Orchard Services Offers You



Quality professional services offered by Gerry Edwards Orchard Services include -

  • Fruit garden design - let us help you decide what fruit you want to grow and where it should be grown

  • Advice and help with growing fruit organically - selecting/planting/maintaining

  • Providing advice, designing and planting new orchards

  • Advice on the restoration of old fruit trees, fruit collections and orchards

  • Advice and help with the development and planting of community orchards

  • Developing and managing "Apple Days" and "Apple Weekends"

  • Identification of apple varieties. What have you got in your garden, allotment or orchard?

  • Talks on fruit growing to local groups and larger organisations

  • Judging fruit at competitive shows

  • Writing articles, blogs and magazine features on organic fruit growing

  • Supporting radio and television broadcasts with particular reference to fruit growing











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