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Gerry Edwards Orchard Services offers you a fully professional fruit growing service both in terms of providing advice and in terms of cultivation, maintenance and restoration. We are firm believers in organic gardening and growing and all of our services are based on organic principles.

 Our major services include -

  • pruning and restoration of maintained or neglected fruit trees in your garden
  • restoration of old orchards and their continuing maintenance
  • a complete client support service in fruit growing and fruit growing advice 
  • advice, design and planting of orchards - large or small 
  • help, support and advice in the development and planting of community orchards
  • providing talks and writing features on fruit growing
  • national expertise in identifying apples
  • undertaking apple weekends and providing many varieties of apples for public view - particularly relevant from September through to November
  • offering you ideas for making your fruit garden work for you in the way that you want it to


Our full range of what services we offer is listed on our website pages










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